Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to my order?

Definitely! Making any changes to your order is as simple as reaching out to your Content World representative. We can make any changes you require without any issues.

How do I submit my specific order details and preferences?

Because every client and every work request is different, we have a two-pronged requirement gathering process. After you submit your order request, a member of our team will reach out to you directly. We will send you a standard questionnaire to get the basic information from you, but we will also schedule a conversation to speak to you directly. During this meeting, we will address all of your unique concerns and listen to your specific requirements. We believe in getting to know your business, company, and vision in order to better develop your content!

Do you have a policy when it comes to refunds?

Content development is a process, and we will include you from the very beginning in order to best understand your needs. We will speak to you about the tone, voice, and any other specifications you have before we begin writing. After our first submission, we can then take on any revisions you would like. In the past, we haven’t had any complaints beyond this step, but if you are still not satisfied, we can work with you to find a suitable solution.

Do I have copyright ownership of the content?

After the work is completed and payment is processed, you hold all of the rights to your content! We will never sell your content to any other parties, and we transfer all ownership to you once payment is completed

Can Content World handle large orders?

Absolutely! We actually specialize in bulk orders, and we love working with large-scale organizations to develop their content. We have partnered with marketing agencies, publications, and many other large entities that need an outside writing team’s services. We can handle your large orders even with tight timeframes!

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