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The Statistics of Success

Websites with over 51 blog posts experience a 77% increase in median leads per month because a large quantity of posts gives their readership more material to familiarize themselves with the company. Familiarity causes repeat visits, which ultimately lead to purchases and increased engagement. By having a substantial amount of publishable content, that is optimized for searches will establish you as a expert in your field. Additionally, regularly updated blogs receive better search rankings.

Persuading Your Audience:

Did you know that 61% of consumers have made the decision to go forward with a purchase after reading a blog post? Whether you are selling a product, a service, or an experience, potential customers are out there reading up on subjects they are interested in. If you have a large number of quality posts about topics they are interested in, these customers will not only read your content, but they will return to your site regularly and make purchases.


Fans And Followers:

By using your content in creative ways, you can drive readers to your social media channels to increase your contacts and audience. While it takes time to cultivate enough content, it will be infinitely faster if you work with Content World and our team of blog writers. Our blogs are easily shared between different social media platforms, creating buzz and brand awareness that will help your company.

Promoting A Consistent Brand:

There is a reason that other corporate giants such as Apple, Nike, and Red Bull all leverage blog content. By owning and producing useful information, your brand will be easily recognized by potential customers. People are more willing to do business with reputable brands, and this is the first step to building your name.


Creating Value From Content:

Brand identity is important for companies to continually nourish and grow. By publishing relevant content, you can help your identity form and evolve into a recognizable powerhouse. 82% of consumers read this type of content because it gives them information about a company before doing business with them. You can use this to your advantage!

Increasing Your Web Traffic:

Through searches and social media, blog posts can help you increase your web traffic. When considering SEO best practices, regularly updated blogs tend to do better in search results as well. Traffic can be directly tied to leads, prospective clients, conversions, and ultimately repeat customers. By getting more eyes on your content, you will increase your likelihood of producing profits. The first step is to get in touch with us to see how our blog writers can help you.

Trusted By Over 1700 Companies

Content World has helped our company out with our blog more than we could have ever imagined. They produce regular interesting and engaging blog posts that our readers seem to love! This has increased our site traffic, allowing us to engage and talk to a larger variety of people who are interested in our services. Their SEO practices have worked wonders for our visibility!

Mark Brendon, Digital Worlds

I didn’t even have a blog before talking to Content World. But after realizing how important it was to have an active blog, I went to them to get one set up. I didn’t realize how many untapped customers I was missing out on until the sales began to come in! I’m confident in trusting their team with my content because they actually seem to care about my business and brand identity.

Marie-Ellen Dankarte, Personal Coach

How Can A Blog Writer Help Your Small Business?

Telling Your Brand’s Story

The first step in getting customers is helping them get familiarized with your brand. A blog can help you get your name out there by informing readers who you are, what your expertise is, and what your values are. Most importantly, it can help establish trust. Without customized content that is tailored to our exact company, it is hard to build a brand. High-quality blog posts make you more approachable and reputable. By investing in this, customers will be more comfortable doing business with your company.

Adding Content To Your Website

When it comes down to it, search engines value quality blog content. Websites with more than 51 blog posts can actually generate double the leads as sites without them, 97% more backlinks, and 400% more internal links. Furthermore, SEO optimizing through keywords and other best practices builds positive relationships with search engines, keeping your sites at the top of people’s searches.

Lead Generation

It is important for readers to feel engaged before they make the move to buy something. 80% of US consumers enjoy reading blog content from interesting sources, which can be a tool to kickstart conversions. In fact, businesses with blogs tend to generate more leads than those who don’t.Publishing a steady stream of content also promotes trust in your brand. By telling stories and sharing ideas, you can break down barriers between yourself and your customers to seem more approachable and relatable. This can cause customers and prospects to begin engaging with your business and visiting your website more often.

Sales Accumulation

By building leads, you also will be building your pool of potential sales. The formula is quite simple: blog content increases your visibility and readership which will lead to an increase in interest and consequently sales. Traffic can come from all sorts of places, such as search engines, social media, or even paid platforms. This audience can be reached because they are interested in the information you are sharing. All that is left to do is get them on the phone to make a sale.

This type of inbound marketing actually costs 62% less than the traditional advertisement-based outbound marketing. It also costs a lot less to bring in new customers than it does to convince existing ones to come back. But with our blog writing services, the information on our site will be so convincing and engaging that you will begin to see repeat customers emerge as you publish more posts.

How It Works


Step 1

The first step is to choose which type of subscription model you prefer. We have various offerings all with different amounts of articles per month. But despite how many blog posts you order, you will always receive SEO optimized and keyword rich posts. They will be written with your brand and voice in mind, and we make sure to respect your reputation with only the best quality content.

Depending on the topic you choose for your blog posts, some orders may be more time intensive than others, but we guarantee quality in every piece of work we produce. As we work together more and more, you can expect us to get to know your brand even better, and increased awareness will be reflected in the orders you receive.


Step 2

After receiving your order, a representative from Content World will be in touch to talk about your specifications. We want to match your order with the best writer on our team for the job, and this conversation will help us choose the perfect match. We aim to understand your business goals and vision to create something that aligns with your mission.

Every customer is different, and we make sure that every blog post we produce is different as well. One type of writing may work for one client, but not for another. Because o this, we want to fully understand exactly what you want to accomplish to make sure our content is doing the job you expect.


Step 3

Every month, we will be in touch to pitch stories to you. We want to make sure that everyone is on the same wavelength. You can accept or reject these pitches to help us better understand your needs and requirements as our relationship grows and flourishes. If your business has any big events or news in any particular month, make sure to let us know so we can write about it!


Step 4

Finally, at the frequency that you specify, you will receive blog content on a regular basis. If you want us to publish it for you, we can do that, or we can send it to you through other means for you to read ahead of time. You have complete control over what is published and what isn’t. As a business, it is incredibly important to have a well thought out publishing schedule. If you aren’t familiar with some best practices, we can help you design one!

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Our Blogging Philosophy

Any SEO company can tell you how important a well-written blog is to corporate success. However, when you start seeing firsthand how many visitors you get due to search engine rankings, you will experience the power of our blog services. Having an audience to talk to certainly pays off when it comes to your bottom line.

Choosing A Reliable Partner

Content World produces on the best quality SEO optimized blog posts for you and your company. We leverage your blog as a direct way to speak to your audience about the ways you can help them. Instead of finding your own writers and investing the time to train and teach them, hire an expert instead who is already well established. We will communicate the value of your brand to the world, so they can get to know you better.

A Process That Works

By producing high quality content for your blog, we are not only allowing you to be a business owner, but also a credible voice in the industry. People love to read and work with companies who are on the top of their game, and our blog posts help solidify your position. Being active on social media gives you the power to reach the masses, and you can leverage this power to influence your sales and create a positive brand identity. People share content they enjoy, so you can get your name out there with interesting and engaging blog posts.

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Our team of writers comes from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. Because of this, we are uniquely positioned to help you with any and all of your writing needs. To top it all off, we are familiar with SEO best practices. We will not only give you interesting content to post, but we will make sure that once you post it, your content will reach as many people as possible.

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